Sunday, February 1, 2009

Looooong Weekend

Friday was one of the worst post-chemo days ever - it must have been a combination of the spinal tap chemo drugs and the CHOP R Drugs - whatever it was it kicked my ASS! I couldn't' eat all day and had trouble getting water down. Put it this way - I had a carrot and an apple for dinner.
Saturday wasn't much better - I spent most of the day in bed getting up for 30-60 minute stints. We were able to get out to the transition to betterness gala Saturday night - I was feeling like total crap until about an hour into the evening when I started to eat - seems that as soon as I was able to get a bit of food in me I was feeling much better. I was able to see some friends that I haven't seen much lately - and that was great.
Today was a bit better - I choked down breakfast and had some energy (likely from the prednisone) - I did crash around 1pm with a bunch of nausea and a headache. I couldn't eat anything until around 5pm when i gagged down a bit of food so that I could take my prednisone (which is likely why I am up so late). But I was able to eat during superbowl and didn't feel too bad - mind you, I shouldn't have eaten just pizza, nachos and guacamole.
I had mentioned in the past a friend of mine who has recently started her Battle with cancer. It turns out that she has her chemo days the same as mine - so we get to see each other during that time. She is a strong person. She has started a blog to share her story with family and friends - feel free to check it out
Here is a picture of her and I from Thursday:


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