Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tomorrow is the first session of 'chemolite' - and I am nowhere near as anxious as I have been in the past. I think everything will go super smooth tomorrow!

Today I took some cookies to all of the people that I have dealt with at the cancer center. I had received cookies from the people at Bruce Power and the Power Workers Union in Toronto from a place called Zelcovia ( ... they are amazing. So I ordered 12 dozen for the cancer center...I took a dozen to the pharmacy, one to the secretary for the social workers, one to the receptionists at Dr. Hamm's office and 2 dozen to Dr. Hamm and her nurses and 4 dozen to the nurses in the chemo room. I have 2 more to drop off tomorrow that were not there today - the blood work clinic and the 2 front receptionists. This seems like nothing as all the people in the center have done soooo much for me ... just by doing their 'jobs'. One thing that seems evident is that they don't just do their jobs. I don't know how to put know when you come across people that do their work with such ease, professionalism, sincerity, happiness (yes happiness), and so much more, without even trying....they are great. AND, I hope you never have to meet them.

I have also had some photographs that I took in Africa printed as standouts ( to give to all the doctors that have helped me...I'll be dropping them off next week. One for Dr. Hamm, Dr. Ling, Dr Warwarak and one for Joanne the social worker. I'll post more on that later.

Also today I made a donation to the Pike Family ( - as I mentioned in a previous post they are having a huge fundraiser for Todd's two boys education (they are 6 & 8 years old) Friday night here in Windsor. I would really like to go, but not sure if I should. I will talk to the nurses tomorrow and try to find out how careful I really have to be (germ-a-phob that I am) in large crowds.

Now for some pics!

Diane, Grandma, Laura, Mark, Chris and some dude?
Miguel in Mexico!



Sasha said...

I agree with everything you said about the staff at the clinic, it is so true! It makes the visits there easier when you know they care about their work and you. Even though they are great people, I also hope no one has to meet them! Nice to chat with you guys today, and thanks for the sandwich Dil, so much better than the hospital cheese sandwich option.

P.S. Isabella is sooooooo adorable!


Renee said...

Those blue eyes. What a beauty.

I have been there (Manitoba) but I believe sometimes that there are angels amongst us.