Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I got a call from the nurse this morning - no prescriptions for this 'chemo-lite' session. Fantastic! That means very minimal side effects...the only ones that I will likely get will be psycho-somatic (if that is the right term) - the ones that I will create. Last week I just thought about the lunch food and I got nauseated - horrible stuff.

The session on Thursday will only be the Rituxan drug...and will likely take about 4 hours to get it all into me, no big deal.

Starting next week I'll be getting spinal taps Monday and Wednesday for 2 weeks. Those are 2 weeks that I am NOT looking forward to. Even though I have done 2 of them, 4 more scares the crap out of me. There are worse things to go through, but these have been one of the scariest. ahhhkkkk - I'm psyching myself out...I'll be fine!

Also, next Thursday is the big PET scan...I am getting somewhat anxious about that. The scan itself will be easy, but a lot is riding on the results.

NED - No Evidence of Disease. I learned this one from Dana...and I think this is what I am hoping for.


I have got some thank you gifts for all the staff at the cancer center...I plan on dropping them off tomorrow during the day - when I get my blood work done. I don't think I am supposed to get my blood work done, but I want to just to make me feel better about the state I am in.

My next post will include more pictures...I bet a bunch of you visit ONLY looking for pics! I am very lucky...I get to see them both all the time!



KJR said...


Never ever doubt

New exciting day

Naturally Exquiste Diletta

Nasty eeekkyy diaper

nephew's exceptional daughter

Nurse-extrodinaire Dana

noticeably extraordinary dad

OK, it is official. I need to get a life! hahahaha


Anonymous said...


Woot! Woot!! Woot!!!

I like NED, he can hang with us anytime :)

Way to go dude - you are really kicking ass and deserve nothing but the good times ahead of you.

Looking forward to the post-treatment celebration!

NED and Viva La Cure,