Monday, February 2, 2009

What a good day!

I don't know where to about with some great news...I spent some time on the phone this morning with Nicole and Beth from the Cancer Foundation to see where things are at with the resource rooms and they had fantastic news! They have certainly been working hard and have things right on track! Apparently they have ordered printers, which was one of my main concerns in the beginning because they weren't going to. In addition, they are making the resource rooms Internet based, rather than intranet (means the patients and caregivers have access to all websites - not just the hospitals). These ladies are fantastic - such great news. In addition, they were able to do everything within their original budget...which left me wondering if they would need the money that I have raised so far...and YES they do! They don't have any money to fill the room with other resources, books, DVDs, videos, etc. So, they don't know exactly how much money they need right now, but I have decided that I want to raise a minimum of $7,500 for them. There are many medical books that I know are extremely expensive and I want to be sure that they get the everything they need. So, with the sales of my shirts, I have raised about $3,800, which left me about $3700 short (notice the past tense). Then this afternoon I spoke with an old dear friend from my year at TCS and he has donated 1/2 of what is needed to get to $7500 - so about $1800 - HOLY SHIT! (I have avoided swear words in the past - but what the heck). Thank you Austin! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
This puts the current total around $5600. I need to find a way to raise a bit more...If anyone has any ideas or would like to help out...please let me know!

I get a few emails a day from people with words of encouragement and I probably should have shared more of them...I keep them all and will often read them over a few times. Today, I got one from my cousin's future husband - Jay. He is a firefighter in Brantford and he sent me a picture from work...Awesome!

Also, this past Saturday I received a few pictures from the Medved's of their girls in their cute!

As for my symptoms today - odd. I have an appetite but can't eat. I'll feel up for eating something and will start to eat it...then can't continue. I hope this passes cuz I am hungry. I exercised a bit today and got really light headed and a bit dizzy. Oh well, in light of everything else today, a great day!

I have more to write but will save it for the next few days...


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