Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today was the same ol' same ol' with symptoms...nausea and headaches. Through all of my past post-chemo nausea bouts I was able to eat through them, but this time I am finding it very difficult. I am getting cravings for crap (fast) food - so I ate A&W today...barf. BUT, I did get to eat Bruna's cooking tonight, which is always fantastic!

The only real eventful thing that happened today was that I went to see Joanne (Social Worker) today...On my drive to the cancer clinic, which is where her office is, I was thinking about what I would like to talk about. [She has a special talent as a social worker and is able to really listen what you have to say and provide some sort of insight or perspective that is truly thoughtful.] Anyways, on my drive, I wasn't really able to think of anything that was really bothering me - which is great. And as she confirmed, I really am doing well and have found my mechanisms to cope with this 'crisis'.

Crisis seems like such a harsh word to me, but I bet everyone out there reading this thinks that I am going through a crisis - but you know what, I bet most of you would find the courage/strength/ability to deal with it just as well as I have. It may be in a different way, but we do all have the strength inside...

Attitude is everything!



KJR said...

The sun is starting to rise and the warmth is seeping in. This is just what I thought as I read today's blog. (even when it is -20 out this morning)

Your journey is winding up. At least the treatment part and that is a blessing.

The fear, anquish, uncertainty is starting to fade, at least a bit.

Wow, good work!

Yes, most people probably would and will find the courage to get through this experience, but you are top of the class.

There is not much more to say than "Way to go Jeff!".

We are all so proud of you.

Love Kym

The Rolt Family said...

I'm sure that little bundle of joy by the name of Isabella has a lot to do with the strength you're finding every day as well.
You're doing great, Casey, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I think some people don't know where/how to find the strength and I do believe that you have been a blessing to them to show them this.

Thank you for sharing your journey.

Thankfully the past is the past and I like many others are looking forward to your future. I'm looking at it being healthy and wonderful.

I found that each day you looked for a kernel of excitment even within todays blog. Although you are having horrible symptoms ie: nausea, you are able to put some humor into the burger scenario. You seem to find the positive in the situation dispite all the other stuff. That is truly "strength".

Marian :)