Thursday, February 26, 2009

...and now we wait...

I stayed at my cousin Kahley's house last night and her fiance Jay came with me this morning. We got there early, 7:15am, and I was injected at 7:30 with the sugar solution...waited an hour and got in at 8:30 for the scan. So I lay down on the 12" wide hard plastic concave 'bed' and I get strapped in - one from beneath the bed around the wrists/thighs and one around the biceps/chest, a pillow under the knees and one under the head. One good thing was that they had warm blankets - this helped. They take several pictures from my pelvis up to just below my ears. The pictures were to take 1.5 hours - 60min for the first set and 30min for the second set. The first group of pictures each take I guess the second set should have taken about 4min each. The donut thingy slides up and down you body...for claustrophobic people, I think this would suck. Anyways, the tech, Sandra, made some miscalculations and the scan ended up taking 2hr and 15min. Laying perfectly still for this time sucks - but I just kept telling myself that the results of this test was going to be some of the greatest news of my life - so don't screw it up by moving.

They said I should get my results mid-week next week....not bad, but we'll see.

So, again, do whatever positive thinking/praying/acting you can ... and have a good weekend.

P.S. Thanks for all the encouraging emails and comments!



KJR said...


Sometimes the waiting is the toughest. But at least it will not be that long.

Remember all the good things about your illness. Other than that first day, when you got the initial diagnosis, all the rest of the news, tests and results have been really good and positive.

This one will be too.

Things are looking up. The Leafs have won three in a row.

Keep busy for the next few days.


Anonymous said...

I believe in NED
That should be the next name of your boy baby ....
what do you think
Counting the hours ......
I bought $8 in Power ball in Georgia
Our lucky 8 will come thru

Anonymous said...

Jeff, D and Isabella,

we think of you everyday and are confident that next week will bring the news you seek!! Jeff you are the strongest person I have ever come across and I envy your strength and dedication to learning all you can to beat this and move forward to enjoy the long and happy life you deserve!! We love you all!!
Your support in the WEST!! Ange, Ryan, Simon and Jesse!! Stay strong and positive it is the best road to success!!