Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cancer Table = GONE

I only have 2 weeks of treatment left and some big news coming mid-week.

Monday morning at 9am I have a Lumbar Puncture and a meeting with the social worker during the rest period post-LP. I was very surprised at how wiped out I was after the last LP so I plan on taking it easy for the day - maybe 2 - also because I have another LP on Wednesday.

Also, I took the cancer table apart and threw the empty bottles away, put the papers/binders away, got rid of the calendar, etc...felt good. Diletta wanted to burn it all! hahaha.

A friend just sent me a cool Lance Armstrong Commercial - check it out at the link below - I am starting to see Livestrong everywhere:

Some pictures from Belleville and some friends in Sudbury skating in Ottawa on the Rideau Canal.

Have a good week and keep your fingers crossed,


Sasha said...

I say burn them to Dil, thats what I want to do with mine! Go for it Jeff!!!

Anonymous said...


the waiting is torture. But soon you will have your wonderful news and all will be great.

Love NED