Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thank You!!!

Hi Everyone...All is pretty good in the Casey household these days! I have been getting back to the gym to workout with a personal trainer, playing squash 1-3 x's / week and I am still playing hockey 1x / week. I am a lot more tired post playing than I am used to - but I suppose that I will get closer to normal as time goes on. My energy levels are waaaay higher - and at times I feel they are greater than pre-cancer. But, more tired post I think I will have to monitor myself a bit more and take it a bit easier...(but I likely won't).

I have a few more shirts that I would like to sell - I have about 10 left over - so if you didn't order one you would really be helping out by donating a bit more money to the cancer center. Please just email me at - Thanks!

I have hired a blog-book designer to help me put all of this into a book format that I can easily load up to blurb for publishing - as soon as I have got that done I will post on here for people to order. The reason I am offering this is that a few people have expressed interest in getting a if you are interested, I will let you know.

Diletta and I are starting to 'move on' with our lives by booking vacations and other plans for the future that we weren't able to 2 weeks ago. It feels great to make some plans, but some decisions have still been difficult because of an impossible-to-get-rid-of feeling that cancer is still around. This will decrease over time - and I can't wait.
Now to the point of this post - Thank You.

Thank you to everyone that prayed, thought, e-mailed, called, commented, smiled, visited, cooked, baby-sat, joked, injected, prescribed, shipped, sent, hugged, donated, and bought for me and my family.

To my Family - Diletta, Isabella, Mom, Grandma, Kathy, Paul, Kahley, Erin, Kym, Brian, Graham, Kate, Marisa, Marco, Melissa, Val, John & Hallie!

To all the medical staff that helped me - Dr. Hamm, Dr. Ling, Dr. Warwarak, Pam, Debbie, Sheila, Donna, Maggie, Anna, Marg, Diane, The chemo nurses, the pharmacy, the booking staff, the blood clinic, Joanne, the registration staff and all the volunteers.

To Everyone that bought a shirt: Fed, Dante, Kristina, Caley, Stef, Don, James, Nick, Julie, Ruja, Tripun, Chuck, Gord, Ange, Abe, Mona, Andrew, Jeff, Cheryl, Graham, Gwen, Bob, Grandma, Marco, Melissa, Bello Metal Recycling, Rob, Steph, Chris, Chrystal, Adge, Susan, Frances, Brenda, Jeff, Laura, Marv, Joe, Moe, Ryan, Josh, Dana, Kelly, Justin, Miguel, Joel, Leo, Rosa, Fab, Dave, Blair, Albert, Lindsay, Melissa, Dave, Dora, Angelina, Anna, Tawny, Tony, Sherri, JP, Chris, Krissy, Dayna, Cathy, Mark, Lori, Shannon, Mike, Deidre, Sabrina, Bruna, David, Gratsiano, Denise, Phil, Justina, Jodie, Connor, Tim, Diletta, Mike, Phil, Syed, Alex, Scott, Nadia, Jamie K, Jamie M, Max, Greg, Ric, Doug, Jenny, Dave, Tanya, Diane, Mike, Steve, Scott, Chris, Gavin, Kristy Lee, Joanne, Mike, Sheri and Andrew.

To everyone that donated Money: Joanne, Jeff R, Brenda, Karen, Austin, Kathy & Paul, Dave, and Abe.

The TCS crew that did a combination of bought shirts and donated money: Kevin, Andrew, Peter, Sarah, Karim, Courtney, Scott, Heather, Tamara, Tom, Chris, Scott, Peter, Craig, Ryan, Steven, Graeme, Marc, Mike, Jamie, Sheila, Denise, Jeff, Mark, Austin and Danny.

All the people that joined Team Casey on Facebook - All 354 of you!
All 84 people that follow the Blog.

All 2,228 people that visited the Blog.

...and anyone else that I might have missed. If I was in contact with you ... I thank you!



Anonymous said...

The hardest thing that our family has gone thru was the diagnois of your cancer ...why you? None of us could believe or understand.
As a single Mom, as well as having only one child, I was terrified.,
Your strength, understanding, knowledge, wife, daughter and faith made this whole awful thing over.
I can tell you how proud I am of you, but you already know that, because I always have been.
I can tell you that I love you, but you already know that to.
All I can say is THANK YOU for giving me strength, uderstanding, knowledge and faith.
I honestly believe, that anyone that knows what you have been through has more strength, understanding, knowledge and faith, and I also know that they THANK YOU .....
Make up for the lost time ....
you have my unbelievable daughter in law (who now I consider and love like I would a daughter) and Isabella, to show how to live life to the fullest
Life is too short not to....
Any chance of another little one in the works??????
Love and more love

Anonymous said...

No Jeff, THANK YOU, for reminding me that with inner strenght, positive attitude and perseverance one can get through just about anything and you did it with both dignity and grace. And for reminding me that...I picked the right guy, not that I needed to be reminded, but you proved it once again.

You are a great rolemodel for our Isabella, she is so lucky to have you for a father, and I'm lucky to have you for a husband. I never doubted you could do it, but I'm proud of you nontheless.

I Love you.