Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Week!

I ended up going to the "Care for Todd's Kids" fundraiser on Friday night with Diletta, my mom and Grandma. It appeared to be a huge success - there must have been over 1200 people. They had to open a second and third room to fit all the people. I would guess that they raised at least $40,000.

It was great to meet all of Todd and Amy's family and they were very happy to meet me. I was known as the 'pay it forward guy'... As you may know, I experienced my first chemo session beside Todd and Amy and was dramatically affected. The love that they were showing for one another and their interaction with the nurses, doctors and other patients provided me with the perfect role models. I wanted myself and my family to be like them. I couldn't remember their names (likely because it was such a dramatic moment for me), but they certainly stuck with me and I thought of Todd and his family often. Passing my experience on to his family must have struck a cord with them and they were able to see how Todd being Todd was inspirational to a virtual stranger. I am very glad that I was able to pass my experience on to them.

So...a big week...Monday morning I have a lumbar puncture...and then again on Wednesday and then my PET scan on Thursday. That is the big one!

I hope we all have a good week!


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