Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Cancer Table...

I thought I would share a few pics of the 'cancer table' - I think that we will soon dismantle most of it. The black binder at the bottom is the mass encyclopedia of everything I have gone through - it has all of my medical reports, notes from appointments, receipts, etc...I think I'll bronze it and throw it in the river.

Below is the drug box - a majority of these are empty...I guess I'll let these go soon too. My stomach must be rotting - oh ya, I've been taking a drug for that - hahaha. Sooo many drugs. These don't even include my chemo drugs - these only control the symptoms from the chemo - that really just hit many drugs just to control what happens from the chemo. WOW.

Now a few nicer pictures...

Aren't they Amazingly beautiful!

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Marcmo said...

Wow. Amazing pictures Jeff. Two beautiful ladies.

It's amazing how much Isabella has grown (maybe not too surprising since I've only been tracking her growth through your posts)!

Thoughts and prayer are with you.