Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Symptoms ....

It feels like I am pretty close to being done with symptoms!!!! I think that the Rituxan may cause some sort of reaction, but nothing close to the full CHOP R. As for the spinal taps, they will likely just cause headaches, but those can be kept at a minimum with limited physical activity.

I keep thinking about the PET scan and what the results will mean. Assuming that they are clear, I should be pretty happy. But I am sure that I will need some time to mentally recover/deal with having gone through all of this...and learning to accept that the future is somewhat uncertain.

I have read a few scientific studies lately (Thank Julie) and have been reassured that the chosen path of Dr. Hamm is the correct one, and that people in my situation (age, stage, grade) have had good results with CHOP-R and maintenance R.

I'll post more pictures of Isabella soon...I am sure that people are missing her!



Sasha said...

Hey Jeff,
I am glad to hear that you are starting to feel better, the symptoms sometimes really suck but just think there is going to be less and less of them now.

I am going to send my info to you today to help set mine up properly, thanks again for the offer.

Also, that is so awesome what you are doing for the resource center, I would love to see it when I am there next and its great that the funding for it is almost complete! You rock!

Chat soon and see you next week!

KJR said...

Hey Jeff,

I hear ya! the mental recovery will be challenging. Time heals.

One thing I could recommend is to try to spend most of your time in "non cancer" stuff. I know you are a wonderful fundraiser and want to help out where ever you can and help out who ever you can.

Although these are great intentions, it keeps your life in the cancer setting.

Work on getting out of it and back to normal routines and activities that do not surround you with cancer.

You will get the all clear on the PET scan and that will be awesome.

But yeah, the trauma you have gone through will take time to heal.

You will heal! It will be fine!

Now I am going back to my basement to "purge". There is nothing there of yours I hope! hahahaha.

Love Kym