Thursday, January 29, 2009

#6 - DONE!!!!!!

Today was a loooong Freakin day. We got to the cancer center for 8:30 I was told that I could go right in to room #2 and that would be where I was going to stay for the day. I didn't like that idea - I think that the last place you want to be treated 'special' (for whatever reason) is the cancer center. I was also very nervous and anxious - I'm not sure if that is because it was my last major chemo or if it was the LP I was about to get....I was actually verklempt for a bit (not a big surprise for me).

Dr. Hamm got in around 9:40 and started on the LP right away... I'd like to say that it went well, but it didn't. A small procedural error was made on the first one and we had to do it twice...CRAP. The first one hurt quite a bit, but she aced the second one and was able to extract the fluid and inject the chemo drugs. She told me that I would likely get the results from the test today...good.

The rest of the chemo went pretty much as usual, but I was very very nauseated and tired from the drugs I took for the nausea.
I have to eat at lunch so that I can take the prednisone and hospital make me nauseated (like right now thinking about it - seriously) - so I ordered a chicken delight!

I was able to sleep in the afternoon a little but was still very nauseated. Tonight, I was feeling a lot better but now I am getting very very tired and I feel like crap. I am struggling getting this blog done....

But one last thing....back to the Cancer Survivor Park pictures...I kinda feel that I am in the last little square right now - almost outta there. I think that as soon as I can get the positive PET results I can dive out!

Lots more pictures below...ciao!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff...

I owe you something from the other day....

(3 cheers for you)

Way to go buddy - you really did great!!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

you do really KICK ASS jeff, i have always looked up to you, but you really impressed me this time around!