Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Even More Tired...

I can't believe how tired I am today. Shoosh.

Around 2pm today I started to get a bit of nausea and anxiety. This was good timing as I was about to go meet with Joanne (social worker) at the cancer centre. The plan was to do some therapeutic touch - which we did.

So, I went in with nausea, the starting of a headache and very tired. At the end of the session the nausea and headache were gone. I was still very tired, but much more relaxed. During the session I was instructed to focus on breathing while she did her magic. At the end of the session she said that most of my energy was being blocked in my neck/head region and then she asked if I had a lower back injury, because she noted that there was some blockage there too...If you don't know, I have serious low back problems (bulging disc) - I was kind of impressed with this.

After that, we talked about some more issues relating to living long term with the knowledge that the cancer can come back at any time. She related this to the fact that people just learn to live with it and to not worry about it for now. She provided the example of cutting off your finger...right now, I couldn't imagine living without it...but, if it happens, you just deal with it. It won't be as simple, but it will just happen.

After the session I went home and slept for about 2.5hours...and now I am still extremely tired, so I'm off to bed. I have my Gallium scan in the morning and then I meet with Hammy! I hope she has some CT scan and MUGA results.

One final thing...As I was walking into the cancer clinic today I realized that I wouldn't have time tomorrow morning to get my blood work done before I met with Dr. Hamm...This is another problem with my bookings for this week. So again, I am not happy with the booking department. I believe that it is important for me to have my blood work done the day before my chemo to see exactly where my blood counts are...Anyways, I got my blood work done today and will find out from Dr. Hamm whether or not this is ok. She might just make the decision, about whether or not I can do my chemo, based on the past.


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