Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Quite the freaking year!

I've taken a little more than a week off from writing on the blog and I feel kinda guilty...I know that there are quite a few people that read it and get updates on how me and my family are doing.

The last post I wrote was on the Dec 23rd and I had just received some of the shirts...I got a few more that day and was able to deliver some of them. However, not all shirts are in yet. There was a mix up in the ordering of the shirts and I won't get the rest of the order for about another week. Sorry about this, but there is nothing I can do about it and really, it isn't worth worrying about. I know you will all understand.

So...Isabella's first Christmas...and she got 2 of them. The first was on the 23rd at Diletta's sisters house as seen in the picture below:

We hid her until the tree for a little but...the little cutie!

....and she very much enjoyed opening gifts. She obviously didn't get it, but she did seem to enjoy the colours on the paper and the tearing open of the gifts. Below, she is opening her stocking.

As for me, the 23rd was a day I was worried about as it was the 5th day after my chemo. I had several bouts of nausea, but was able to get through the day no problem. It wasn't until later at night that I really felt the nausea...

The next morning the 3 of us caught the train to Toronto for our visit to Cobourg for Christmas day. My aunt Kym picked us up at the train station in Toronto around 2pm and it took us about 2.5 hours to get home from there. Normally, it takes about 1.5 at the most. I was feeling pretty crappy and as soon as we got to my mom's house I took a nap and slept for about 2 hours. This sucked because my grandma was hosting a dinner for the entire family. We showed up just as they were finishing dessert. No big deal...when we did show up, we ate the left overs, which were great!

The next morning was Christmas. We had a great time opening gifts and of course Isabella was super spoiled! A ton of clothes and a few toys. She even had on a cute little 'Santa's Little Helper' outfit...

She didn't last too long...and was soon fast asleep on Great Grandma's lap!

I had a few crazy bouts of nausea during the day and had to take a few breaks to take a nap or catch some fresh air. But overall, I was fine. For Christmas dinner our family went around the table to say our best moment of the year. This was really good and I was forced to really think about all the good things that happened throughout the year. I can't let the stupid cancer overshadow all of them...
While in Cobourg we were able to spend some time with a few friends and Isabella's God Parents...

Not exactly sure what they were thinking with the outfits...but I guess that is just how they roll...
We were able to get a pick of them in their 'normal' clothes (mind you I think the bright ones are their regular ones...).

We spent a few more days in Cobourg and ended up coming home on the 28th - our wedding anniversary.
On the 30th I met with the social worker again...and once again it was very beneficial. We talked about the 3 main things that we came up with as issues for me last time we met. They were sleep, guilt and anxiety.
The sleep has gotten better, but I think this is because my anxiety not as great. The anxiety is better because the guilt was addressed and because I can now exercise...which I have been. I've been using my bike trainer and the Nintendo Wii. I'll likely start getting back to hockey and squash - I'll just have to take it a bit easy and be sure not to get too close to any germs.

For New Years, Diletta and I stayed home for dinner and then went to her Sisters house around 11pm..

...and finally, I'll part with one final cute picture of Isabella!

I hope you all had a great night last night ... and as a good friend said:
2009 will be Fine!

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