Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good News....

My CT scan and Gallium scans are both normal - no evidence of cancer - this is great news! We can't hang our hats on this, but it is still very good news. The really good news will come when I have the PET scan at the end of February...I should get a call within the next 2 weeks telling me when my PET appointment is, and it will be in Hamilton.

My schedule for the next 2 months....due to my symptoms of the past 3 weeks (headaches, nausea and chest pain) I'll be having a Lumbar Puncture tomorrow morning before my chemo (UUUUGGGGG - I HATE LP's). This will test my spinal fluid for evidence of cancer and at the same time I will get some chemo drugs. The chance that the cancer is in the spinal fluid is very very small, especially since it was negative the first time, but she wants to rule it out. Also, it means fewer LP's in the future.

My next 2 rounds of Rituxan will be in 3 weeks (Feb 19) and 6 weeks (Mar 12), then after that I will get Rituxan every 3 months for 2 years with the first one on June 4th.

Feb 23 & 26, Mar 2 and 5th I will be getting the Lumbar Punctures with chemo - and I have to get blood work done each day to make sure that my counts are good.

I also asked about my sperm to see if it would be OK to get pregnant again...and apparently it won't be until after I am done with the Rituxan. However, she is fairly confident that the drugs will not have long term I guess that is good.

My blood work is all good to go for tomorrow.

Finally, some pictures...a lot of pictures! Thanks to everyone who sent them - I very much appreciate it!!!!

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KJR said...

OK, you are in big crap with me. First of all there are 3 pictures of Kathy and Paul, AND to make matters worse, they are the first picture, BEFORE ME! Wasn't Brian and I the FIRST people to send a picture!!!!!!!!


just kidding.

so back to what is really important.....

wow wow and wow.

Good news!

That light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger and bigger and shining brightly.


You have been so brave and courageous and inspirational.

Good luck with #6.

Love Kym