Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nice Little Saturday!!!!!

Not a bad day....but it was underlined with Nausea....I guess I am just waiting for my anti-nausea drugs to wear off. This will likely be Monday/Tuesday.

I have learned my lessons from past chemo sessions and I am not doing any coffee or chocolate - must be the acid - but it tends to set off my nausea. So...water water water. Boring ol' water.

One odd thing this time is that I haven't had any constipation - at least not yet. This is extremely exciting.

No real bad headaches yet either...but again, maybe after the anti-nausea drugs are over.

My energy levels were kind of high today too...well, high for me anyways.

I can't really beat yesterdays videos and pictures...but I was able to get some cute shots of Isabella today...Enjoy!


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Dora and Dave said...

Hi Jeff,

Couple of things to stop nausea.
1. Anise or fennel. Eat it raw.
2. Ginger pills (can get at pharmacy) or ginger tea.
3. Gingerale.
4. Salty Pretzels.

Dave and I loved Isabella's premier Russian ballet movie yesterday. Reminded us of when our girls were into that!!