Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday

I had a great break and spent some quality time with family!

Today, is kind of weird. I have a headache, nausea, my back hurts and I am very very tired. The tiredness is apparently typical around this time though - which seems odd. My blood counts are dropping, but it shouldn't make me tired...

During my 'week off' - I did expect to get a call from the doctor with results...but no message was left - so I guess there was anything significant. No news is good news? Ug. I guess I will find out at my next appointment with Dr. Hamm - Wednesday.

Tomorrow (Monday) I should be picking up a lot more of the shirts and will either be mailing or dropping them off over the next 2 days. If you ordered recently, it will still take a bit of time. So....If you have one, be sure to send me a pic of you in it so that I can post it on the blog - see if you can be a bit creative...


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