Monday, January 12, 2009

Lazy Monday....

I had a very lazy Monday - but I guess that I have a good excuse!

After yesterdays positive blog - I hate to bring it down. But, after how good of a weekend I had my head and soul are doing great and really make days like today easier.

I was extremely tired today...spent most of the day on the couch. I started the day with a big dose of prune juice to help get rid of the constipation. DID NOT WORK. All I ended up with was a rumbling stomach all day... Ug.

Today I also got hit with nausea and minor headaches....The ativan did NOT seem to work for the nausea...hmmm....

But hold the presses....We took Isabella to her first swimming lesson! WOW - she did so well, no crying, not was great. I took video, but haven't made time to get it on here yet...maybe soon.

Also, I didn't quite realize how important it is for people to hear the better parts of my days, as was the case this past weekend. I thank everyone for all of their emails today - it helped me realize how right my aunt Kym was - people are living thru this with me and need to hear my good stuff too.


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