Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1/2 Shirt Day!

I was able to pick up about half of the shirts today...and was able to deliver a few. Very exciting and they definitely are cool. I will deliver as many as I can tomorrow, which won't be many as we have the Bello Christmas tomorrow. Then, the following morning we are travelling to Cobourg for the Casey Christmas and won't be home until sometime around the 28th. I will do my best to deliver the rest then and if I have to mail your shirt(s) to you, you likely won't get it until the new year...sorry about this, but you should have it in time for my 5th chemo....holy crap...5th.

I had nausea pretty much all day but was out and about doing last minute mailing and shopping. It is difficult to have a conversation with someone when you are concentrating on not barfing! hahahaha....it really is funny. The other thing that is still bothering me is my fingers...they are getting a bit worse, which is odd because Dr. Hamm reduced the amount of Vincristine in the chemo cocktail...hmmmm.

I made an appointment with the Social Worker, Joanne, just before the new year and I also made one with Dr. Ling (the ENT that did the surgery) for mid January.

I likely won't write as regularly over the holidays because I will be busy. But I wish you all the best Christmas and Holiday Season!

I'd like to say that I want 2009 to be better than 2008 - but what is better than a baby girl?




Mark and Lori Parent said...

Yes. Nice cliffhanger...

Enjoy the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new baby news. They love siblings.