Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The day B4 #4

I'm pretty lucky...I've got a great family who is always around supporting me.

So tomorrow I'll go for my blood work in the morning and I am going to try and talk to a social worker there. I have not been feeling my normal self and think that I need to do something. I think this will be considered proactive...I'm not too "not-normal" - I'm afraid to use other words - but talking to a professional should help. I hope. Anyways, then tomorrow afternoon Dil and I go to see Dr. Hamm. We have a few questions...

  • We want to fully understand the difference between cure/remission/survival. I'm pretty sure that there is not 'cure' for follicular, by my overall survival rate is fairly high (90% +++). But, the scary part is the chance for transformation (and what does 'it' transform to?)
  • We are going to ask about all types of post treatment testing...I'll likely get a PET scan, but what about 1) polymerace chain reaction 2) flow cytometry and 3) DNA microarray. I think all of these are very specific and accurate...but I have no idea (yet).
  • Get some feedback on my blood counts and the use of neupogen - can I take for longer to decrease my risk of getting sick?
  • Side effects - my fingers are still tingling, I had nausea up to day 10 and then on day 18 (yesterday)...
  • I'm going to ask about an anti-anxiety drug (that should be the ativan - but I stop taking it on day 10 - should I take longer?); and review the use of the current drugs that I am on.
  • I'll also get my scrips ordered for Thursday...

Half way through and I am sick of this. I hate it.

I hope the shirts come in tomorrow!



goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

KJR said...

I bet your sick of it and I know you HATE it!!!!! Getting some help from a counsellor is a great idea. I understand your fears. It is gut wrenching. Although you feel this way right now, I absolutely promise that this is only temporary and you will be better and feel better once this is all over.

I look forward to hearing what Hammy says to all of your questions.


Dora and Dave said...

Hi Jeff,
Polymerase chain reaction, flow cytometry and DNA microarray analysis are all very accurate and very routine techniques. We do these all the time in the lab to identify DNA sequences of specific genes and in particular genes that are highly active in cancer cells.

We're thinking about you all the time. Dave said it was nice having you out at hockey last week!!

Glorianna said...

Hey Jeff,

No doubt you're getting sick of everything, but if it helps at all, know that Paul and I are rootin' for you and sending you positive vibes throughout your entire journey!

We are very much so looking forward to seeing you, Diletta & Isabella when we come to Windsor for the holidays.

Stay strong,