Thursday, December 4, 2008

Drug Rollercoaster Continues

The shirt sale continues...

Please email me at: if you would like one. You can check this post to see what you will get. For $40 I will mail you a shirt of your size.

I am pretty wiped today. Again, the lack of drugs, or combination of drugs, is messing with me. I had nausea on and off today combined with fairly minor cold symptoms.

Today, there was an article in the paper of a man that died of cancer. While I was getting chemo 4 weeks ago this man was beside me getting a blood transfusion. I remember how unhappy he was and he was pretty sure that he was going to die soon. I thought at the time that I didn't want to be exposed to that because I needed positive thoughts. I wish I had spoken with him more. I wish his family the best.


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