Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally - Cycle 3 DONE!

Today was good.
I went and got my blood work this morning and did not hear anything from the Cancer Center - so I assume my blood counts are good. They should be fine considering the shots that I have been taking.

I didn't have any nausea today...I started to feel something come on, but it didn't develop like it normally does. So, I consider myself done with symptoms. Until next time.

I meet with the people at the cancer center tomorrow to see about the resource rooms, so I should have a pretty good update about that...

Also today we did some Christmas photos ... they aren't ready for posting though...but here's a small taste....
This is our house...I took this picture at night using a long exposure. Surprising how much light there is from across the street and the spot lights I have put up on our two front trees.

Our Christmas Tree...again, a long exposure to make the lights glow.

We ended up changing outfits to a more Christmasy one.


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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are awesome and your baby is absolutely gorgeous. I wish you all the best! Have a wonderful Christmas with your wife and beautiful baby!