Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Monday

I got about 5 orders for shirts (Example Shirts are Below) and am throwing this message out there to see if anyone else is interested. The front will remain that same, but you can put whatever you want on the back. I was thinking of charging $40 for the shirts and using the money to put towards what I end doing with the cancer center in terms of chairs and computer kiosks. So, if you are interested, message me your size, what message you want on the back and where I can mail it.

So today was not as good as yesterday...but still not too bad. I got hit with nausea a few times and had to take it a lot easier than yesterday. But all in all, the post-chemo session is going great! The Adivan really seems to be working well combined with the rest of the drugs. I hope it lasts.

Isabella, Diletta and I put up the Christmas tree today, so you should be seeing some Christmas type photos coming soon!


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