Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shirt Sale!

Today was another good day! These drugs seem to be working great. However, I seem to be getting a bit of a cold. Not sure why...but hopefully it does not amount to anything serious. I also think that tomorrow will be an important day to see what effect the drugs really have on me as today was the last day for Prednisone (steroid). Tomorrow I only take the Pariet (which I will now take for the next few weeks to get a hold of my heart burn) and the Neupogen shots every other day for 5 days.
Now, back to the shirts...I would like to sell a few more before I go place an order. My goal is 20 and I have currently sold 6.
The Front will look like this:

...and then you can get whatever you want on the back...as long as it ends in: Kicks Ass!

You can message me directly at: caseylibero@yahoo.ca

Thanks Everyone!



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