Monday, December 15, 2008

Almost at the 4th ...

Just a few more days until my 4th chemo. I am surprised by how anxious I'm getting. I got nausiated a few times today and I don't think it can be anything but stress. This is not good. I am supposed to be relaxed and thinking positive. I am still confident in my outcome, but dreading the side effects of the drugs. From what I've read, the 4th can be the most difficult. I'm not sure if this is in terms of side effects or mentally. The last chemo round took the hardest toll on me mentally...and I'm getting sick of being 'stuck' indoors. yuck.

Anyways, the shirts should come in soon...I hope tomorrow or Wednesday. So, if you haven't mailed me money or dropped it off...can you please do so. I'll send them out as soon as I can after I get them.



Diletta said...

Jeff you are doing amazing....and I can't believe it's possible, but I love you even more now than ever. You are strong and I have no doubt you/we will get through this. I know you feel cooped up, but I'm loving spending time with you and Isabella everyday. In time I'll look back and remember sharing all the special moments of Isabella's first year with you, I won't remember the doctor appointments, drug schedule and seeing you feel like shit. I'll remember your smile, you holding the baby, you making funny noises and faces at her. Don't worry it's going to be ok. I love you.

KJR said...

Hi Jeff, With #4 coming just B4 Christmas may help with the emotional part of the side effects. You will be here in Cobourg and we will be able to focus you into a happier mind space. Will you be seeing Hammy in the next day or two B4 round #4?

An just think, with each round done, is one step closer to this nightmare being over. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is starting to get brighter and brighter! After Thursday you will be half way done!!!!!! WWWOOOOOO WWWHHHHOOOO.

Keep remembering what the doctors says about your prognosis!!!! although it is hard to feel this way, your are very very lucky.

You will have the pleasure to be totally tormented by your teenage daughter who will be belligerent, challenging and a total pain in the ass. Accept the fact that you will have no say and no opinion and whatever you do say, matters not at all. And you will be so lame and she will not care, she is going to do it anyway. Boy, I can't wait for that!!!!! hahahahaha.

Love Kym

KJR said...

Jeff, me again,

What a sweet, sweet comment from your lovely wife. You are the luckiest man on earth!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Jeff.

I remember going into #3 (my 1/2 way point) at Christmas last year and then getting delayed a week for low WBC. I was so deflated. I couldn't see my friends in fear that they would give me a winter cold. I was stuck inside the house and the long hours were filled with daytime tv (ugh) and cuddling with my baby girl. Now that I am back to "normal", I look back on those days and miss them. I feel blessed to have had so many uninterupted hours to focus on Isabella and Paul and to forget about my situation. If you need to get outside, I highly suggest bundling up the baby in her stroller and getting in some daily walks (the cold fresh air will be good for you and for the baby) or taking her to the local arena during tiny-tot open skate. You can put her car seat into one of those wooden sleds and pull her around the ice (and not too many germs floating around that cold environment)

Hang in there - 2009 is around the corner and it will bring a fresh new start!! Hip hip hooray!

Take care,


PS. Diletta rocks!