Saturday, December 20, 2008

6 days to Christmas!

Today was great.

I woke up to my regular drug cocktail (emend, zofran, pariet, prednisone) then around noon I took another prednisone. At 4 i gave myself the neupogen shot, I figure I am better off getting 1 instead of Diletta's 5 pricks. Somewhere around 11 and 4 I took some Ativan to help calm the nausea. I took a nap around 2 - 4, then finally, I took a zofran at 9pm.

This is what the day comes down to...drugs drugs and more drugs.

I was able to go out with Diletta shopping for Isabella for xmas - that was kinda fun. But there aren't a lot of toys to buy for a 3 month old. Plus, she has everything. And I bet everything X 10 has been bought for her for xmas. It will be an exciting Christmas! And also, I went out for a few hours to a Christmas party. I was very careful not to shake anybodies hand and I must have washed my hands 50 times with Purell. The party was just a few guys playing cards and drinking beer in a garage...It is way better than it sounds...I of course wasn't able to have any beer, as it doesn't mix well with Ativan - so I'm told@!

Sometime this afternoon I spoke on the phone for about an hour with a person that is a type of spiritual healer. I was quite skeptical when I heard about this type of thing. But in speaking with her, she has a lot of insight to a persons sole and is also a cancer survivor - so she can relate in that sense. She did agree with me not wanting to become a patient (the discussion I posted 2 days ago). I still feel as though I have to keep a barrier between myself and the worst case scenario - I'll deal with my shit when I have to. In the meantime, I'm gonna kick the shit out of my cancer my way. Got it. She did get the sense that I tend to take on other peoples emotions and this may be why I feel the need to stay away from other cancer patients. I am already helping the cancer center with the resource room, president of the Lancer Volleyball Club and Chairman of The Clay Elliott Scholarship Foundation...Right now I need put myself first. Especially when it comes to cancer. This make sense? It does to me....

I hope everyone else is prepared for Christmas and doesn't have to weather the weather and the crazy crowds that tend to be out this time of year! Mind you, there seem to be a lot more sales on than in the past...

I am reallllly tired.



KJR said...

wow, wow and wow. I am so delighted that you are doing great.

I am also very very delighted that you are speaking to this spiritual healer. Drink this stuff in as much as possible. Let go of the skepticism and open your mind to it's benefits. You will be amazed!

By the way, I have your name for Christmas and I have three things for you. One is practical, one is sentimental and one is funny!

See you soon.

Love Kym

Dora and Dave said...

Hi Jeff,

Glad to hear you went to the pig party last night. Dave was very happy you could make it. Nothing like a bunch of pigs to bring your spirits up :) !!!

As for x-mas, I'm sure Isabella will be spoiled like crazy!! And wait until she gets older, you literally run out of things to buy. Hope you guys enjoy the holidays. You will find that x-mas truly becomes "magical" again when you have your brand new baby to share it with.