Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nice Little Saturday!

I love to say that there isn't a whole lot to report on...Today was great. I think we have found a great drug combination. I had a high level of energy today and was able to do some things around the house. I sure hope that when I go off the zofran I keep this energy. I am very tired now, but I was fairly active today.

Isabella is changing fairly dramatically these days...she is discovering her hands and feet and is starting to be able to handle things. I haven't been able to handle her for 2 days because of chemo so I am really looking forward to tomorrow.

Isabella haning onto a rattle and shaking it...seems like a small thing...but it isn't!

Perfect light....

Had to get another....

Very happy in Great Grandma's arms!

My cousin Graham trying to hide behind Isabella!


Anonymous said...

It's great turning on the computer and reading a post like this, not to mention seeing the great photos. Keep the positivity coming and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

KJR said...

I agree with Nick. So nice to read your blog on positive days like this. I am very happy for you. And that little girl, OMG is she beautiful or what!!!!!

Good luck in the next few days. I hope they go just as well.