Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still Wallowing in Monday's News

This cancer is serious stuff. I have an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness right now. I have met a few people in the past few weeks that are in very serious situations. Not to down play what I have too much - but man do I feel lucky right now (I hope it lasts). The cancer, stage, grade and resulting prognosis for me is really good. I have a long road ahead but I know that I will prevail - and thank goodness I have all of you. Just knowing that people are reading helps me.

I have looked a little further into the different groups, societies and foundations for lymphoma. I hope to get involved in some form or another and look forward to doing so. From everything that I have read so far there is a lot of research being done and a lot of new drugs on the door step for treatment.

It appears as though I'm not going to lose all my hair (I have also read that just when you think you won't lose it...you lose it). My hair is thinning - a little faster than the past few years - but not falling out really fast. Everything feels fairly normal but it hurts a bit to rub the hairs on my head...who knows? ... and who cares - it's only hair.

I am getting my standard CBC (blood work) tomorrow. I have to hope that my blood counts are high enough for me to get my chemo treatment Thursday. Of everything that they measure in the blood counts my red blood cell count was normal and this is the only count that I would actually 'feel' the effects if they were low. The red blood cells carry the oxygen; so if they were low I would feel tired - and I don't. So lets hope that they are good.


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KJR said...

Your first paragraph in today's post "hits the nail right on the head". This gratefullness you feel will last forever! Smile and enjoy! You derserve it! You have done everything right and have had unbelievable care. This feeling will help you during treatments to come. The worst is over. fhewff! Good work.