Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I should have known better...

...things tend to always work out for me. They found my slides and my blood counts are through the roof.

Erin from Windsor Pathology called me this morning to tell me that Lena (international center at karmanos) had called her to say that they had found my slides. Awesome...I then called Lena back to find out where they were...and she told me that Pathology had called her to say that they found them. So, they were in the Pathology then I page Dr. RM's nurse (the one that was adamant that they mailed them) to be sure that they weren't looking anymore (...and maybe to see what she had to say)....she called me back a while later and was very nice (of course) and apologetic. She said that when we got off the phone yesterday that they decided to look some more (but i thought they mailed them????) and made a call to pathology...and found them.

Anyways, so my brother in law went to pick them up and all should be good!

Then, early this afternoon, I got a call from the cancer center (I had left another message this morning for the nurse to call me) saying that my blood counts were all fact, they were really high. My White Blood Cell counts were around 42 (pre chemo they were 7 and normal is between 4-11) and my platelets something like 4300 (not 100% sure how high that is but normal is between 2.5 and 7.5 - so I'm guessing that the 4300 is really 43). Anyways, this doesn't mean that I don't have to worry about getting sick...but that I don't have to be AS worried. She also said that Dr. Hamm will adjust the neupogen shots accordingly for next time.

So Diletta and I decided to head to Cobourg - which is where I am writing from right now, my mom's living room. I am still going to stay away from people to ensure that I don't get sick - but it is nice to be home.


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rezoT said...

Hey bud,

Glad you were able to make it home with Dil and Is to see you mom and the family.