Friday, November 7, 2008

Post Chemo #2

Soooooooo much better than last time.

I took the Kytril at 8pm and then the Stematil at 8:30. I was feeling very crappy but was able to eat and drink. I went to bed around 10:30 and fell asleep within and hour. I woke up at 4am and took two Gravol and woke up at 10am. I ate breakfast (fantastic banana and blueberry pancakes that my wife has mastered) and then took my Prednisone and Pariet. I went back to bed at around noon. I felt pretty good but I know that I have to take it easy - so I chilled out and tried to watch a movie. I ended up falling asleep and was woken at 2:20 to go to the cancer centre for my neupogen shot.
The nurse showed Diletta and I how to do it and it seems like no might be a bit freaky for her, but she can do it. A nurse that the Community Care Access Centre set up will be coming to help/show/do it. So we have a back up. We could arrange to have one come all 10 days, but figure that we will be able to do it.

Now, a few pictures!
Diletta and I while I get my chemo. The drugs that I get through my port-a-cath are 'hung' on the pole on the left. The nurse programs the flow rate and timing. If I need to go to the bathroom I unplug the machine (it has an internal battery) and I roll it into the bathroom. The machine on the right is for checking my heart rate, blood pressure and amount of oxygen in my blood. This is checked quite frequently...I'd say every 30min or so.

Graham, my cousin, at his condo in Toronto:

Kym and Brian, my aunt and uncle, I think they were somewhere in Toronto:

Kate, my cousin, in PEI just before her hockey game (which she won - she's THE goalie):
I know that the rest of my family wore their shirts and I thought of that often. It really meant a lot! Thanks.

I wish I would have got everyone to take time!

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KJR said...

The Read family ROCKS! So glad that #2 went so much better. Better days ahead for you Jeff. Take GOOD care of yourself. We are behind you all the way. K