Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good Weekend....lots of Pictures!


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Thankfully, not a lot to report...

Friday night went very well. I woke up again in the middle of the night feeling nauseated, but just tried to get back to sleep without drugs. Probably wasn't the best decision, but it worked. I woke up around 7:30am, had some cereal and watched TV for an hour and then went back to bed...until 12:30!!! That is at least 12 hours of sleep and I don't feel guilty. My body needs to work. The only bad thing was likely the lack of water intake...

What woke me up was a phone call around noon...I went downstairs at 12:30 and the nurse from comcare had called and wanted to come at noon. My mom was the one who answered the phone and didn't really know I called them back and tried to get a hold of the nurse who was to come for the visit (the nurse was coming to help us with the Neupogen shot). Anyways, so the nurse called me back about at about 1pm and wanted to come then...I said no. I was given pretty specific instructions from my doc and nurses that I was to take the shots 24hrs apart, which means that I am to take them at about 3pm each day. She said that there was a lot of paper work and that I could take the shot an hour earlier or later ... and it wasn't a problem. Ummm...NO. Come at 2:30 and I'll take the shot at 3pm. ...but there is paper work and ... NO, come at 2:30 and I'll take the shot at 3pm. OK..bye.

Made me feel like I was interrupting her Saturday...sorry, but deal with it.

So, she shows up and has an OK attitude (by the end she was great...we just had to charm her a bit). The paper work took about 20min and then we started with the shot. So, the purpose was for the nurse to show Diletta how to do it...It seems like it should be simple, but it is kinda freaky. Diletta got the needle all prepared....take the vile out of the container, open the vile, wipe it off with the alcohol pad, get the syringe out, get the needle out, attach the needle to the syringe, pull 1.6 of air into the needle and press that into the vile, turn it upside down and let the vile fill the syringe, flick the air out of the syringe and fill the syringe with 1.6, pull the needle/syringe out, wipe area on Jeff to be STABBED, pinch the skin with forefinger and thumb and STAB Jeff...ok... now for the hard part. Diletta decided to do a little test stab. hahahah. This hurt a bit...a little prick in and out...ooops. A couple of deep breaths and she was able to do it. Finally.

The main concern for me with the side effects of this drug is the bone pain. I have been through quite a bit of pain in my low back in the past and don't really want to feel any more...but apparently I am going to have to. I am getting pain in my low back, but it is more dull and spread out. To review, the neupogen shot works to increase the creation of the white blood cells, which occurs in the bone marrow and therefore, builds pressure inside the bones. Kind of weird, but glad it feels like it is working.
Saturday night went even better...Diletta went out for dinner at The Keg with Marco/Melissa, Val/John and Rob/Steph while I stayed at home with Isabella and watched the Leaf game! (they won 6-3 against Montreal). I asked Diletta to bring me home some Sliders (these are amazingly fantastic little hamburgers) which I wolfed down 2 of them (only about 2 oz each) just before bed. I woke up with a barfy stomach but couldn't tell if it was chemo or slider lets write it off as slider!

The nurse came again today (last time - the next 7 are solely Diletta's Responsibility - should I be worried???). Diletta pulled it off this time a bit better...she decided to poke me pre-maturely again (revenge?) but it didn't hurt like the first time.

Other than that...all is great!

Now for Picture overload:


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KJR said...

OK here is my best advise so far.......... do NOT piss off Diletta! I am so not a nurse and would have a really hard time with that needle duty. Isabella is sssooooo cute. Some of her expressions that you are able to capture are so beautiful, very thoughtful. She looks so happy and so content. Have a great week!
Love Kym (the blog stalker) hahaha