Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10


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I started the ball rolling with getting Dr. Gascoyne to review my slides. I have now heard from another source that he is not only THE top lymphoma pathologist in Canada, but also a world renowned lymphoma pathologist. What I am really after is clarification with the Grading. I have also heard more about Follicular NHL transforming...this worries me a bit. So, staying on top of this is important.

I also called the doctor to discuss whether or not I should get a flu shot...I was called back and the nurse told me that I could get one about 1 week before my next chemo. I plan on waiting for my blood counts on Monday November 17th to make a decision. If high, yes...if not, no.

I screwed up just like last chemo drug session - I forgot to take my Prednisone at lunch today. So I took it about 45min ago...I hope I'm not up all night. Diletta and I got focused on my Neupogen shot and I completely forgot about taking it. Idiot. I could blame it on what they call "Chemo Brain" ... but nope. I typed out a freaking calender listing the drugs to take and at what I'm just an idiot.

Also, tonight I had a bout of hit me around 7pm and is still kind of lingering...that sucks. Just a constant feeling of "I'm about to barf" ... damn.


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KJR said...

Hey Jeff, Great to hear that you have spoken to Dr. Gascoyne and he confirmed your staging. Not sure what you mean my "transforming" but I would like to hear more about that. You sounded a bit worried about it. This is what I hate about living through this kind of situation.... up one day and down the next. So just try and focus on the end. Christmas is just aroound the corner and it will be unbelievably special with Isabella. Watching TV commericals and all of the toys for babies, she will be spoiled for sure! I have not paid attention to these commercials until now. Also the Toys R Us flyers are not getting tossed this year! Do you think she is too young for her first computer? hahaha.