Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow What A Night...

Wow Wow Wow...

Tonight was the Ladies Night Out event and the Jim Cuddy Band Concert for our foundation - The Clay Elliott Scholarships Foundation. And holy crap it was amazing.

I am not really able to be around people I have to be very careful about getting sick. BUT, I went to the ladies night out and gave a small speech thanking the 120 beautiful ladies and to stress the importance of having the right attitude (I consider myself an expert now) and to ask them for money. I kind of snuck in and snuck out so that I wasn't 'exposed' to too many people. A huge thank you to Lynn and Diane who worked so hard to make this night happen. We had at least 30 volunteers help out too...thank you thank you thank you. My speech went very well and I had a lot of great comments after.

Then, I went over to the Park Playhouse Theater to see the concert. I hung out upstairs with the A/V and sound guys to watch it. There were 500 people there and it was freaking unbelievably fantastic. WOW. My cousin Kahley started off by giving a speech about the foundation, the importance of attitude - and she nailed it. I have never seen her speak so well. She was right on cue and impressed all 500 people. We also had a past scholarship winner speak about how the foundation helped her out (she won in 2005 and is now working in her field in the area). We had a slide show going highlighting the foundation and a looping video highlighting the past scholarship winners. We gave everyone in the crowd an Attitude pin and Kahley, in her speech, explained to each of them that they have to wear it on their right side so that they have the Right Attitude. I'll say it again, she nailed it! 500 people.

At the end of the concert, the entire crowd was up dancing. It was a perfect ending to a perfect night. I am guessing that we raised around $20,000 tonight...I'll report later on how well we did.

I feel great and what happened tonight was great for my soul.


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KJR said...

You are right Jeff, wow what a night. The support for the foundation is amazing. All the volunteers that work SO hard is humbling! Grandpa would be speechless. I sometimes wonder just how he would feel about all of this. He was such a quiet and unassuming person. He is very proud of his grandchildren, especially for the love and admiration they show him, even when he is gone. Your speech that night was amazing. Your honesty is ??????. I think I need a thesaurus, to get another word for inspirational. Your message was clear! Whatever is thrown at you, the right attitude will get you through it.

Wow, what a real life lesson.

Although this is extremely painful and terrifing for you right now, your life will be improved with this experience. It will be crystal clear that life is good and beautiful and precious.

Take good care and see you in a few days in Windsor!

Love Kym