Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chemo #3

Today went very well. I had not problems with any of the drugs, which is for the detailed version:

I started this morning by taking the Emend (anti-nausea medication) at 8am. My grandma and I got to the hospital for about 8:20 and headed up to the waiting area outside the chemo room. We didn't get in until about 9:30 and started the drips at about 9:45. While the first saline drip was going I took my pills (Prednisone, tylenol, zofran and benadryl). At around 10 they started with the Rituximab.

With the Rituxan, the normal course of action is to take the first dose slow (like during my first chemo) to see how the reactions go. My firstchemo session, during the Rituxan, I got an itchy throat and hives. During the second chemo, I reacted just slightly, so they slowed it down. So I thought that for today the would speed it up and it would only take 90min - but they didn't, so this adds about 2hours to the treatment. This is fine by me as I would rather be cautious.

Around noon I took more tylenol and benadryl. So far today I have taken 9 drugs and will take 1 more tonight (either gravol or Ativan).

So i thought all was going well..until about 6:30 - now i feel like crap. headache, nausea and more. I'm off to take drugs and go to bed.

Awesome pics!

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