Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 more days...

It is nice to not have anything to write about, cancerly speaking. However, I find that I am starting to dread the 10 days following Chemo Day. I can't believe that I have 6 more sessions to go...Ug. Time is moving fast and slow...

I have an appointment with Dr. Hamm tomorrow morning at 10am. I plan to ask her about getting a referral for Dr. Gascoyne (pathologist at BC Cancer Agency), the reason for 8 cycles of CHOP R, the 10 shots of Neupogen for my blood counts (I don't need that many), check my blood counts, the 5 post chemo spinal taps...and anything else that I think of leading up to the appointment.

I also plan on picking up my prescriptions tomorrow morning (all 6 of them), maybe dropping off my slides (if I can get Dr. Hamm to refer me to Dr. Gascoyne), speaking to someone about the computer kiosks and the chairs.

Other than all of that, I have to mentally prepare for the next 2 weeks. I felt nauseated today and I think it just purely based on stress. Crazy.

My aunt Kym and Grandma are coming from Cobourg to help Diletta and I for a few days.


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KJR said...

I certainly do not blame you for feeling that way. At least #2 went better than #1. And you are able to have really good days too. But, still when you feel like crap, it sucks!

I look forward to hearing all about your appointment with Hammy.

Those picutures yesterday were absolutely priceless. So beautiful of Isabella and Diletta laying together.