Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wasted Wednesday...

I guess that I am just going to have to get used to nausea. I've had it for pretty much the whole day...combined with a headache. Ug.

I ended up taking the 2 gravol last night to get to sleep...worked fantastically, but I woke up very groggy and had to go get my blood work done in a rush because Diletta had an appointment at 11. All worked out well.

I called the Windsor pathology department today to find out if my slides were in and to see what I had to do to get my slides sent to the BC Cancer Agency. They didn't have them. ???? It has been about 5 weeks...that is odd? So I called Karmano's to see when (or if) they were sent to Windsor...and sure enough, they don't even know where they are. I hope this doesn't get ugly. I know that I have backup specimens in Windsor (so they told me) - but the slides are not prepared and I don't know what it would take to get more done...Cynthia from Karmano's pathology is going to call me tomorrow...She has to look through the piles for them. What the heck does that mean?

Diletta did my shot again today...and AGAIN stabbed me pre-maturely. Thank goodness it didn't hurt.


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Todd Brancaccio said...

I'm no hospital adminustrator by I have spent some time in the pathology dept in the last year reserching mahcinery to help them process these slides quicker. Karmonos much like all the other hospitals in the region (US&CAN) handle the slides by hand. There is no automated sorting or storage for them in any of the 6 hospitals I have visited. For this reason, the technicain has to literally look through a slide filing cabinet for the date of your "case" once they find that they have to mannually sort through roughly 2000-4000 slides that would have been created on that date. It really is quite labour intensive.

I hope this, at a minimum sheds some insider light on the process.

Stay tough!