Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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So...another great day!

The only pill I have to take now is the Allopurinol - which protects me from developing gout and kidney stones from all the dead cancer cells. Crazy. I just read all the side effects and don't think that I have any ... but my complexion has definitely changed, for the worse of course.

I went for my blood work this morning at the cancer centre - no problem. Quick in and out...I was a bit disappointed because they had to prick my arm. I thought that my port would enable them to get blood from there...but as the needle lady told me, a nurse has to perform that procedure...oh well.

Around 7pm I experienced some nausea - this surprised me as I thought it wouldn't come back until the next round of chemo. Then I had dinner and it came back after that...I then talked to Patrick who told me to have a beer...I had 1/2 and it seemed to work. I am sure the 'beer' didn't help specifically, but psychologically, it is something normal.

Diletta, Isabella and I had a great day...we tried our first photo shoot ... lights, lens changes, tripods and all! Here are a few unedited results...

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KJR said...

so cute, Looks just like her aunty Kym. Gee i looked at the date of your diagnosis being Sept 25th and here is it oct 23rd. It is unbelievable how quickly the windsor medical system worked for you. WOW! Glad you are having better days. take care and love to all.

Oh and one last important thing......Go leafs go! You gotta love this young energetic team!