Friday, October 3, 2008


Today I received confirmation from Karmanos that the MET hospital pathologist findings are consistent with Follicular NHL. I don't feel as good about that as I thought I would and I'm not sure why. As I mentioned, I had to give them the MET pathology report to assist with reading my slides. It sure doesn't seem like they copy and pasted, but they didn't go into near the detail that the MET pathologist did. I will be going to Karmanos on Monday afternoon to pick up my slides and to see if they have a consultation for me with one of their oncologists. I have requested Dr. Schiffer - I wonder who I'll get.

I also made a few dentist appointments today for Monday morning. One of the potential pain in the ass side effects involves the mouth. Chemotherapy is designed to attack all fast replicating cells and the mucous on the inside of the mouth consist these. The mucous is designed to protect the body from bacteria and infection and constantly replaces itself. So, the doctors recommend that you take care of any teeth issues as possible. So I've set up the cleaning and a just in case appointment.

On Monday, I also have to make another trip to the sperm bank. I did receive the results from my first visit and all is good. Apparently I have 80,000,000/cc and 60% motility post freezing (this is normal) and they were also able to get 12 viles (normal is 3). I also called a fertility clinic in London today and they told me that it takes an average of 6 cycles to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) so I should be good with 12...but as the nurse told me, I won't regret freezing more. I'm not sure if this is too much info...but it is all part of the process.

Anyways, I do feel much better about Dr. Hamm and how things are progressing, the prognosis and what the treatment plans are. As the days progress I find myself starting to think more about the future (past chemo) and how things may or may not change. The way I am starting to see this is that the chemo will just be a bump in the road...but the road is very long. Sounds corny, but really, this is important.

We submitted a notification to the Windsor Star today for Isabella. We finished it off with this:

"Isabella you are a blessing and have arrived at the perfect time to keep us strong."

Next week is a big week...I hope to have a great weekend!


CT said...

Can't wait to see the Star and Isabella's picture. Here's to a good next week. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Jeff, you are an inspiration. We are all very proud of you. Now go and kick ass! KJR