Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daddy Marco

The port-a-cath insertion went well today...Nothing too dramatic, but for those of you interested, I'll tell a brief story of how my day went...

I had written on my calender that the surgery was at 11:30 and I wasn't sure what time I had to show up...so after my shower, around 10:15, I called Hotel Dieu hospital to find out what time to be there. The nurse quickly told me that I should be there 2 hours before the surgery...Diletta was in the shower and Isabella was downstairs...I grabbed Isabella and put her in her little rocker and took her up to the shower and took off running out the door.

I got to admitting and there were only 2 people in front of me...after registering, I was directed to the 5th floor. I waited for about 15 min in the waiting room and was taken into the recovery room. A nurse came in and took blood. Then a second nurse came in and had me sign some documents, get undressed and she started me on an IV, took my blood pressure and temp. Diletta, Isabella and Marco (Brother-in-law) came in to visit...

Around 1pm I was taken down to the first floor and into the radiology department (they need a fluoroscope to do the surgery). The doctor came out to visit me and a very quickly told me what he was going to do...shave, clean, cut, insert, close, clean and done (close to that anyways). We decided to do the port on the right side because of seat belt issues...Then a nurse came out to hook me up to all the doohickeys required for surgery...she started the anti-biotic for the port (very important because if I get an infection it has to come out), she grounded me by attaching a coil to my right calve; she attached a blood pressure cuff, she attached an oxygen level monitor to my left index finger and finally, she attached 3 electrodes (right back shoulder, left shoulder, and left mid-back). She then ushered me into the OR where I was further prepped. The put a tube in my nostrils, shaved and cleaned my right chest. The nurse then started to put me under while another nurse started to iodine my right chest and put up cloths ... and then I woke up with a port in my chest...

I was taken up to recovery where they gave me a sandwich and drink. As per the NURSE, the plan was for Diletta to come pick me up at 4pm at the side door. The NURSE told her I would be waiting there in a wheel chair...I woke up at 4:25 and had to wait until 4:35 when a nurse came in ... apparently there was a shift change and the message didn't get passed. I was a bit worried/pissed because Diletta would likely have Isabella with her, which just slightly complicates things...Anyways, we get it straightened out and Marco walks into recover. A new nurse comes in (a very chatty and helpful nurse) and starts to organize things to help me get outta there...she looks at Marco and then looks back at me "Is this your father?" ... hahahah


Oh so good!

I have a weird bump on my right chest now and it is fairly bruised. There are also incisions just above it and a bit higher close to my neck - this makes swallowing hurt slightly. I am icing it and I took a T3 a little while ago...All is ok. Apparently, this port will help significantly by eliminating all the needle pricks. I hope it works out.

Spinal Tap tomorrow morning at 9:30. Chemo Thursday. ug.


KJR said...

Marco, there is no way you look like Jeff's dad. You are way too cute. hahahahahahaha. ouch!

Natalie said...


Just a quick note to let you know I am constantly thinking about you and Diletta, especially this week with all your significant appointments.


Kelly said...

Hi Jeff,
We're thinking of you down here! You've always been a strong willed boy who gets what he wants. He wants "better!" I know you'll have it! I giggled at you staying up with Isabella while Diletta sleeps. Drew and I have the exact same routine right now.
Strength and hugs!