Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"I'm going to kick the shit out of cancer"

Not a very interesting day today...but I did have to 'ejaculate' into a cup, so it wasn't that boring....and it only cost $485!!!

I am eating fairly normal and was able to play hockey tonight. It might be my last time for 6-8 months... so I felt it was important that I go.

Anyways, I was set up with one more appointment for two more tests on October 8th...The first test is a Gallium Scan which is used to find where fast replicating cells are. The new standard is the PET scan, but I don't think Windsor has one. The second is a MUGA scan which will be used to test my heart function. I think Dr. Hamm mentioned that she specifically wanted to see the function of the left ventricle and that this information will be used to predict how I will respond to the Chemotherapy. The MUGA scan is a 2 day i have to go back the following day for a second test.

Tomorrow I have my bone marrow biopsy. Ug. This is an important test to help with the staging of the cancer. Positive means I get 1 point on the IPI scale and I increase 1 stage (from previous posts you might remember that I am a minimum stage 2 - we want the lowest stage possible). This is done in the hip bone. I think they freeze the skin and the surface of the bone. I have heard that the sucking of the marrow hurts like hell...but Dr. Hamm affirmed that she is really good at it. She actually said that..."no worries Jeff, I am really really good at this"..." and don't worry about the spinal tap either, I'm really good at that too". Like I said before, she is confident.

Overall, I am getting mentally stronger. I have been able to talk more easily about this and feel much better about surviving. I don't really think that is in question. One thing that I remembered from yesterday, after thinking about what I wrote on my blog, is something that Patrick said to me. His attitude was that each time he went into chemo he said to himself "today I'm going to go kick the shit out of cancer". This fits perfectly into my competitive nature. I'm going to remember this and think of it often.

One thing that I have been working on in my head is a list of Things to remember:
  1. Diletta, Isabella, Mom and the rest of my family
  2. I'm young
  3. I have a great support system
  4. The odds are in my favour (minimum of 50% cure rate up to 100%)
  5. Grade 3 is curable
  6. It was caught early
  7. I don't have a lot of hair to lose

I'm working on more.


Dora and Dave said...


Something to add to your list:

You have a great sense of humour. Laughter is fantastic medicine. We use it all the time!!


Gord Lovett said...

Also for your list:

You are a 5 time Ryder Cup champion and get tremendous enjoyment of clubbing Todd down on the golf course.

Please keep this in your mind on a daily basis!