Friday, October 24, 2008

De-Stitched Friday!

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Today was way better.

I took extra gravol last night to ensure a good nights sleep...and it worked! I woke up a bit groggy, but it was worth it. I headed to the hospital to get my sutures out (from the port-a-cath surgery). I freakin got lost in the hospital...I finally found the NEW location of registration and they sent me along to radiology. I waited for about 5min there and walked to room 0 (zero) - who the heck names a room zero? I went in took off my shirts, she ripped off one bandage...looks good, second bandage, looks good...grabbed some tweezers and 'zip' - pulled out an inch long piece of fishing wire...all done...see ya!

Went home and showered for 15min. OH ..... MY ..... GOD! had been 10 days (I'm sure Diletta is really happy now too).

Valentina (Diletta's sister) came over to babysit so we could head to chemo to school we went. From what I understood, there were to be presentations from a nurse, the nutritionist, pharmacist and social worker - all followed by a tour of the facility. The pharmacist didn't show up and there was no tour. This did not affect me because I had spoken with the pharmacist and been to chemo...but what about the others?

There were 11 of us in the presentation, and from what I could tell, only 6 of us with cancer. The presentations were pretty good...and they allowed us to answer questions (I asked the most - as per usual). Some things that I did learn include:

  • results from blood work (cbc) get sent right to the doctor within 2hours and if there is an issue, they call you immediately

  • with regard to my white blood cell count - I should avoid crowds and sick people, monitor my temperature

  • Diet - nothing (same dietitian as before). This has been the most frustrating part so far...I want to know what to eat, what not to eat, etc. She just says: "following the Canada food guide" - great...

Like I said, it was general and I have been through most of it already. But now looking back at the handout (72 slides worth) not everything was covered. I hope this isn't a sign of complacency at the cancer center - but I fear it is. The presenters didn't take time to find out who was in the presentation and did not address anyone specifically. So all in all, I wouldn't say useless...but close. I feel bad for the others in the presentation that missed out on the people that didn't show up.

All in all .... I had a pretty good day in terms of symptoms. I had some weird things going on in my chest - but nothing too significant and I'm not worried.

Regarding my blog, I wanted to share some statistics. Using google analytics I can track a whole bunch of, here is a quick summary:

  • 51 people have subscribed

  • 2,117 visits to the blog (some people could have visited several times)

  • 6,227 page views

  • 651 different people have visited

  • 12 countries of origin

  • 74 cities in Canada

  • 20 states (in the US)
  • 4:45seconds average time on the site

I can also tell the number of visits from a particular if you are from say Brisbane Australia (Hi Chris, Rich and Wendy!!) I know you've been 14 times! So if I know you, and you live in a city that I likely don't know anyone else, I know how many times you've visited...and for how long...and when....kinda creepy isn't it...I wonder what google tracks on you!

Anyways...I'll likely take Saturday and Sunday off from the blog...I hope all goes well!

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