Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr. Hamm is a Ham

So I went to the cancer center today to have my bone marrow biopsy done, and it wasn't so bad, Dr. Hamm was telling the truth...she is really really good at it! She was impressed with my ability to withstand the pain - thought that I must be in touch with my feminine side. She said that because most men normally hide their pain, that when something happens that they must show it, they don't know how to. I just told her that my family is ruled by amazing women and that is who I was raised made sense to her!

The process started by Dr. Hamm giving me a little needle to freeze the area, I think she then stuck a different needle in....uhhhh....i thought I would just search for a youtube a movie to see if I could see exactly what was check this out : bone marrow biopsy video - I can't believe that video!!!!...gave me the heeby geebies...very similar but Dr. Hamm got it right the first time. She ended up with about an inch long sample. To get an idea of how it went without watching the video, think of de-coring an apple. Anyways, all went well and they they put a big ass bandaid on me and sent me packing. It's around midnight and it still hurts though...

Anyways, the next stop was the lab for some general blood work (CBC). Boring, but if someone were to look at my arms they would think that I have a drug problem...and the testing hasn't even really begun. This 'port' idea is starting to seem more and more like a good idea...

I thought of some things to add to my list...
  • Sense of humour (thanks Dora)
  • The CT scan was clear
  • The X-rays were clear
  • My palpable lymph nodes were not swollen
Other than that, it was a fantastic boring day. Some good friends came by to visit and I was able to spend lots of time with Isabella and Diletta...We gave Isabella a bath: AWESOME HAIR!

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Patrick said...

Jeff- You are doing an amazing job and your blog is inspiring to all of us. This experience will afford you a wonderful thing - the opportunity to win the battle and help others who face the same challenges. Focus on the outcome my friend, it's al good!!!