Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are the Cancer Gods Playing a Trick on Me?

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I got up this morning and went for a Timmy's...when I got back Diletta told me that the doctor's office had called and that my blood counts are down. What the hell? I have been told several times that the doctor gets my blood work results within 2 hours (normally within an hour) of me going to the lab. I was at the lab yesterday morning so the latest that they would have got them would have been early afternoon...Having not received any results Diletta and I went grocery shopping and did a few other things and she had some friends over. So this call disturbs me on a few levels.

First, and most importantly, my white blood cell count and platelets are down (Not sure what else?). So the doctor called in a prescription of Cipro for me. Cipro is a broad spectrum antibiotic that I am taking as a preventative measure. This also means that I have to avoid crowds, sick people...etc etc.

Secondly, I find it a bit scary that they seem to have screwed this up. Hopefully I am over-reacting. But my health is important to me and I want to know on a minute by minute basis what is going on. Wouldn't we all in this situation? I hope this isn't a symptom of other things that I should know about. I may be a boring case for them...but this is the most important case in the world for me.

This all kind of made we ansy all day... I guess bitchy is a better word. Diletta might even use another word. Ug.

Anyways...about the title of this blog entry...I think I started to lose my hair today...pubic hair that is. Of all the places to start losing your hair... hahahahahahaha...

Add to all this ... I read too much crap. I'm confused on my diagnosis, more specifically, the Grading part. I have Grade 3 (high grade) but everything I read talks about Grade 3 a or b....or pure grade 3 that is very rare. I have to ask the doctor a lot of questions Monday.

Overall, a frustrating stressful day for me (and Diletta) - with a bit of humor thrown in!!!



KJR said...

Hey Jeff, I understand your frustration. You are doing GREAT!Once you see your doctor on Monday you will feel a lot better. But you are allowed to feel frustrated and pissed off. It is natural. Same with Diletta. You two are handling this whole thing beautifully, but of course there will be frustrating times. You know how I feel about the whole reading and researching thing. But I also understand the type of person that you are. You are a natural student and want to learn and get all of the facts. It is a hard balance that only you can juggle. I will not say "keep positive" and "stay strong" because when people said that to me I wanted to tell them to "you know what!". hahaha so I have only one very important thing to say............. Go Leafs Go!!!!!!!!!!

Love Great auntie Kymmy

Don Patten said...

Hey losing the pubic hair is a good thing. Always best for ya know what to be the tallest tree in the forest!!