Tuesday, March 3, 2009

.............Still waiting............

Sooooo Cute!

I don't feel too anxious, but I have to admit that the number of times that the PET scan results crept into my head dramatically increased today.

On Monday they cancelled my LP because of this stupid cold. I have been so cautious over the past 5 months - likely overly cautious (if that is possible) - but I slipped a little at my cousin's family get together 2 weeks ago and caught a cold. I hate that this has been delayed at all - essentially it adds a week to the treatment. I am better today, but have had a sinus headache all day - just annoying.

My next LP is on Thursday, the following Monday and then I am not sure when my last one will be...hopefully she will do it next Thursday when I have my 8th round of chemo (lite) - Then I can be done and won't have to go back until June.

I wanted to give all my doctors something special from my family to say thank you. How do you do that? Essentially, I placed my life and family in their hands and they have done a phenomenal job. Words cannot do it justice. If I could say anything, it would be that each doctor, Dr. Warwaruk, Dr. Ling and Dr. Hamm all made me feel safe. I knew when I met each of them that there was something special about them and that I was is the right place to get the right things done. I can't type enough here to get the entire point across...I hope if any of you have a medical issue that your doctors are 1/2 as good as the ones I have had. In addition to my medical doctors, my Social Worker (Joanne) has had a huge impact on my mental well being, which is the biggest part of the battle.

OK - with that said, my hobby is photography and I have a few photographs that I have taken that I really love. The following picture was taken in 2006 at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. I call it "Family of Elephants" - I had 20" x 30" standouts made of the picture and have so far given one to Dr. Hamm and Joanne (the Social Worker). I plan on finding Dr. Warwaruk and Dr. Ling in the near future.
'Family of Elephants' seems too simple, but the point is that the doctors helped keep my family together - and this picture symbolizes that...

Now for some more pics...

Our extended family decided to wear their Casey Kicks Ass shirts to the Super Bowl!

My mom and Isabella - quite the hat!

Not too sure how I feel about Isabella wearing a Juicy bathing suit....

Trying to eat/suck her toes...just like mom!

A little out of focus...but look at those eyes!

Keep your fingers crossed today!!!


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Renee said...

My fingers were crossed, did it go okay?

Isabella is beautiful.