Monday, March 9, 2009

1 More to GO!

I can't wait to be done with this shit.

I had a lumbar puncture today and Dr. Hamm used a new drug : mexa-idon'tcare-atose. I went in for my appointment at 8:30 to get blood work prior to my lumbar puncture and found out that I wasn't booked for a lumbar puncture. hmmmm....So, I went up to the doctor's office to see what went wrong and to see if I could get it done anyways...sure enough, my nurse Pam said that I was supposed to get the LP....blah blah blah, I went back down and got my blood work done and then made my way up to the chemo center. I didn't get my LP until 11am...out of there by 1pm. Also, Joanne (social worker) came by to visit and we had a good little chat about living with a history of cancer...Sounds good doesn't it - it is history, in the past, gone, see ya...bye bye.

I am really tired and have a slight weird headache. I slept for 1.5 hours post injection and then took a 1.5 hour nap around 5:30...and now I can't wait to go to bed. The only reason I am still up is to write this - I haven't been able to for the past 3 hours because Isabella was sleeping in my arms.

I have a lumbar puncture and a Rituxan on Thursday - my last treatment until June 4th. Wooooooooooo Whoooooooooooooo

P.S. I think that is the first time I have sworn in my blog - but it is called for.
We had some good weather on the weekend and Diletta and I took Isabella for a walk...she had a bit of problems with the wind and sun...but she loved it!



KJR said...

Jeff, hahahaha I love the "mexa-idon'tcare-atose. So funny. It sounds just like you.

I used to hate history. As a matter of fact, I think I failed grade 11 history.

But now I love HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is all so great!

Love Kym

Anonymous said...

what a cutie ...
she is
KJR and I both failed History
in grade 12 i graduated with a 12%
My mom and dad got a letter sent home and i am pretty sure i made sure they didn't see it ....
sorry mom

Renee said...

You are done. This is such wonderful news.