Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting Better

It has been a while since my last writing...and I miss it. But at the same time a part of me wants to stop writing as a way to walk away from cancer. I am a bit torn.

Anyways...things have been going okay. Mentally I am getting a lot better. I find that I am trying to be more positive and I am able to care more for Diletta and Isabella than I have in the past. That does not sound 'right' - but before I was very worried about myself - now that I am not as worried there seems to be more room in my heart and head to think about and care about what really matters...

Physically is a different story...last time I wrote I was taking some time off from physical exercise...I ended up taking a few more days than projected and then I got back into it last Thursday playing squash and I ran out of gas quite quickly. It was a playoff game and after 2 games I was done...he walked over me the next 3. I hate losing. Hate it. But I had nothing left.

After that I went to Chicago with my Wednesday night hockey buddies and we played 3 games, 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday - I was wiped and I am still wiped. Crazy.

My biggest problem is that I don't really have a middle ground for physical activity - go hard or go home. I guess I'll have to stick to lower impact sports and activities until I get my wind back.

Last Wednesday my Grandma threw a celebration party for all of her friends ... This was a party to celebrate the fact that I was in remission and also to meet Isabella. There were about 50 women...and me. Needless to say it was GREAT! Everyone loved Isabella!

Finally, today Diletta, Isabella and I went to the cancer center for the opening of the Patient Resource Rooms. There was lots of media and speeches and a cheque presentation from the 'Do Good Divas' who raised $30,000 for the rooms and new pager system being implemented.

The final amount we ended up giving to the cancer centre is about $8,700 - I am very proud of this and so should everyone who helped me do this. There were about 100 books in the book shelves and a ton more are on order. In addition, they are taking lists of books to the doctors and nurses to get opinions as to whether or not they should be purchased.

I'll post some pictures later and maybe some new videos...



Anonymous said...

It is golf season coming up ......
so lots of exercise walking and trying out your new clubs

Renee said...

One day at a time and you will feel much better in no time.

I say take a break and only come here when you feel like it, if at all.

Renee xoxo